adding value to your customer…


While listening to tonight’s lecture, I couldn’t help but think about my Dad & the Family Business – Wunderlich Fibre Box.  While I have always looked up to my Dad, some aspects of his business mindedness have never been obvious until now. There were several times in high school when my Dad presented my sister and I with the opportunity to earn some money, so of course we jumped all over it.  I never thought about the stuff we did in high school to get paid was some additional service that he was offering to his customer to get their business.  I can specifically remember slaving for hours upon hours in the garage forming a display box and then shoving these plastic hooks into the slots in the carton.  The work would typically go to a fulfillment house, however, because the quantity needed was relatively low (several hundred), my Dad knew that he could pay us to get this done and help his customer avoid this additional fulfillment step.  Great Thinking!


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