Adopting Innovations…


Figure 20.7 Adopter Categorization

Initially, I thought that this exercise would be quite simple and there was no doubt in my mind that I was an early adopter on many things, however, as I tried to think of what types of things I adopted “early,”  my brain somewhat failed me.  The first thing to pop into my head was the iPhone.  While I had a BlackBerry for awhile, and relatively early on, I was probably part of the early majority.  Sure I had mine before my siblings – but that comparison is rather moot considering that they are younger than me and my Dad still purchases their phones for them.  I also did not want to leave Verizon for  at&t simply for an iPhone – especially since I am quite happy with Verizon and 99% of my friend and family network falls within the same carrier.  I was an early adopter for the Verizon iPhone, but not the iPhone as a whole (and I still don’t have an iPad… but that is probably due to lack of necessity and lack of personal funds.

Innovator: I am hesitant to invest my own money in something that I am unsure of.  I would be happy to try a product if it were offered to me.  I was happy to do a trial for a company looking for feedback on a new product when it was sent to me.  I tested the product out for a few weeks and filled out some information to provide back to the company. Although I decided that I really liked the product, I never came across it in the store.  I am typically an early adopter in shoes and relatively outrageous shoe designs.

Early Adopter: I think that I am an early adopter in cases where I have been heavily informed about a particular process or product and i am excited to use it.  Verizon’s iPhone being one and other things like new foods/cooking styles or restaurants.  More expensive luxury items are typically out of reach for me due to my “price sensitive” lifestyle.  Although, one day, I hope to be able to invest in these items.

Early Majority: At the present time, I probably fall into this category.  When purchasing my laptop, I wanted to read reviews and be able to determine what to purchase after having some information.  The laptop I chose was still new to the market, but had been tested as well.

Late Majority: While I wouldn’t say that I am in this category for “fashion” – I always like to get a discount and typically stick with what I know works for me on a consistent basis.  From time to time I will purchase something that has JUST come out, but I find that these “fresh” styles don’t always work for me, so I stay with a pretty standard look.

Laggards: I don’t exactly have an example on this one for myself, however I cannot help but think about my parents and their BIG step in getting REAL internet!  For years (probably an entire decade, actually), my parents dealt with dial- up.  Those horrible noises for AOL, all through my high school years when it seemed that my friends parents had all moved ahead with ethernet connections.  It simply wasn’t an option out where my parents lived.  Finally, they moved forward with a wireless card.  That’s right, 1 single wireless card which was mainly dominated by my brother.  Finally, it came to the point where this just would not work anymore (of course, after all 4 kids were out of the house and my Dad had some desire to do some work from home), and my parents upgraded to U-Verse.  (Oh, they also went from 1 TV where you had to smack the top to turn on, to 3 massive flat screen LCD TVs scattered throughout the house).  Although laggard seems like such a nasty sounding word, this seems to be perfect for the description of my parents move into modern day technology.    I am not sure whether the TV officially stopped working from too many smacks, or if the internet card and new cable was simply incompatible with the newer equipment, I am glad that the change has been made, though!


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