Positioning the Secret…


As we discussed in class, Victoria’s Secret is recognized as a leader in women’s lingerie and undergarments.  Although most people in class seemed to believe that they are THE place to go for something sexy for their sweetheart, I think the stores have turned into body care products/scents and geared their clothing and underwear items towards the “mall rat” crowd – pre-teens and teenagers. VS’s “PINK” line has become especially popular amongst pre-teen through the twenty year old crowd.  This line contains t-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, relatively conservative, yet colorful undergarments and often promotes a small pink stuffed dog or beach bag with some type of regular purchase.  Although they have changed their brand at the store front level, Victoria’s Secret has done an excellent job of re-branding themselves to appeal to the shopping majority who walk by their storefront and are enticed inside. Those of us who frequent the store see it mainly as a place where one can purchase underwear and sleepwear.  Many men wander inside with the impression that they are going to be able to find something sexy, however, this has seemingly become a false assumption.  With the enhanced popularity of on-line shopping, VS has taken their sexy side to their website.  This could be another clever change so as to entice more men to purchase without the potential embarrassment of wandering the mall with a bright pink shopping bag proclaiming his purchase.  Perhaps the real ‘secret’ is what VS has done with their sensuous accouterments.

Regardless, this is an excellent example of how a company must position itself towards their various clientele.  While they position their actual storefront to the younger crowd trolling the mall on a Friday evening; they are still able to reach the men who wish to purchase lingerie for a loved one despite having made this portion of the brick and mortar store much smaller.


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