As I was reading and completing the BMW case for class, I received a comical email containing an advertisement for used BMWs in a Greece.  Of course I found a bit of humor on the ad, but my interest was especially piqued because we were working through the case and investigating their rebound against Japanese auto manufacturers, so, the e-mail provided me with increased interest.

From a man’s perspective, this advertisement has been called “the greatest ad ever” alternately, women, especially feministic, American women, look upon this ad as “shameful.”   While the wording states “You know you’re not the first….  But do you really care?”  it is, in my opinion, clever and gets the point across, many women find it disgusting and simply sells sex.  While we’ve discussed that women are the primary “purchaser” for expensive items within an American household, does the same hold true within a Greek household?  Clearly the target market is not American women, although the ad definitely got them discussing it!


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