meet VALs


After answering a series of seemingly repetitive questions, the Values, Attitudes and Lifestyles (VALs) survey advised me that I am an Innovator/ Experiencer. After reading through the descriptions, they are pretty much spot on with my interests and shopping habits.

INNOVATOR: As an innovator, I am absolutely a very active consumer; some may call it an addiction.  I enjoy nice things and food delicacies.  I always want to come across as being put together and organized, rarely wearing the same thing multiple times in a row. I also have a great appreciation for variety – different types of food, different activities on a regular basis, etc.  I do constantly like a challenge and enjoy having something to tackle.  I enjoy taking charge of and having things done completely —  I am not hesitant to do so because it often seems that if I want it to be done the right way, then I must do it myself.


Much like the descriptions in the Innovator section, Experiencer seems to keep some consistency with the qualities.  I am absolutely impulsive, a retailer’s dream.  I find that I get extremely excited about new opportunities – particularly activities, events and travel.  My second home is undoubtedly the gym & I always like to have something to do or have some sort of entertainment.  I am absolutely not comfortable if I don’t feel good about my outfit.


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