Why a blog?


As I’ve never created any sort of on-line diary before, this blog will be my very first.  Why? you might ask?  I wanted to take the opportunity to learn something new and felt that this learning journal assignment was ideal for such an undertaking.  Although it has been semi-frustrating (losing my first entry due to pressing some buttons in an attempt to accomplish a different task, I am quite intrigued about the capabilities of this new tool!  So here goes…

As far as marketing goes, this is one area where I have little knowledge. Despite Managerial Marketing being an MBA program requirement, I also am hoping to make Marketing my concentration.  For nearly the past 5 years, I had worked as a Packaging Project Manager for a company based out of Pittsburgh with global locations.  My day-to-day interactions included conversations with marketing and innovations directors and specialists at Diageo, “Consumer goods companies with portfolio of world-famous drinks brand.” [http://www.diageo.com/en-row/Pages/default.aspx ] I was always interested in what these people took charge of on each project and the direction and information that they provided; this, coupled with someone I met during a recruiting event caused me to take interest into pursuing an MBA with a Marketing concentration.

During our first class meeting, “branding” was mentioned.  I believe that my tad bit of knowledge in this area made me feel right at home and excited to start this class journey.  Project groups were also put together during this class meeting; I am excited about having the opportunity to work with 3 new people who all seem extremely bright and enthusiastic about completing proejcts.  Our first task was to conduct a SWOT analysis on a local company; I’ve heard this term thrown around here and there, but I had never really known anything specific about what it means or what needs to be done to complete this analysis.  My group members were most helpful in filling me in!  S.W. = Strengths & Weaknesses & typically pertain to internal functions while O.T. = Opportunities & Threats, which typically pertain to external company functions. My group chose the the big Burrito Group’s Mad Mex Restaurant chain.

   Through SWOT Analysis we determined the following:

STRENGTHS: Trendy, relatively health conscious menu, multiple locations, inexpensive, happy hour & late night specials, fresh/local ingredients

WEAKNESSES: younger crowd (loud/dark), some locations – limited seating, not authentic mex

OPPORTUNITIES: expand nationally, ordering directly from the website/own delivery service

THREATS: competitors in Oakland, fear of “next trendy place”, being accepted in new cultural locations, acquiring fresh/local produce in new locations, keeping track of daily restaurant operations could be difficult

well, time to move along to some other tasks for the day… until next time!


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